Wowee! what a whirlwind . Recap--- Eastern Europe...= amazing. so many kind people and such natural beauty. Lots of hiking and climbing of stairs- breathtaking views and incredible experiences. Would love to return someday. Inspired to expand our gardening operation here at home, trying to continue down the path of sustainability and connection to our food and to the earth.

Kelly Jackson and I had a vey quick journey to Oklahoma to perform and had an absolute blast. Thank you to the native broadcasters for hosting us and being such a warm receptive audience. Our next really big gig comes in August for the Eclipse. we'll be taking the whole band out west to Oregon and what a great time that will be. !!!

So many dates are already booked for the upcoming summer season- I'm stoked to get over to Pirate's Hideaway in Eagle River- as well as back to Blend- the little coffee house that really is so much more.

I'll be kicking off the "music in the park" series in Manitowish Waters this year on May 21st and then I'll be heading to Hollywood! Little Cabin Entertainment is Hosting a Rooftop concert on Wed the 24th and we'll be hard at work shooting the Music video for "Love is Just" prior to that. Speaking of.---- "love is just" has officially been released to a Global audience. I'm vey excited for everyone to hear the new track and hoping to welcome some new fans to the apple love music orchard.

Our very favorite music festival is Memorial day weekend- Mellen Jam! I'll be heading to the sacred ground as soon as I get back from L.A. - Looking forward to seeing everyone there as we celebrate another trip around the sun.

in closing- I'd leave you with this. I had a chicken escape its run last summer. I was home with only the dog, who didn't do a very good job corralling the chicken back to her coop. I believe Ginger was "at large" for nearly 3 hrs. That experience helped guide our actions just the other day, when like deja vu- Ginger got loose again. You see, regardless of how nimble one may fancy themselves, a chicken has smarts and instincts to elude even the most clever of mammals. you'd think the bird has eyes in the back of its head. I would reckon it's much easier to catch the loose bird with 2 people than on ones own, and I certainly would rather be chasing a chicken than an old Mare and it's colt. (one of the unforgettable sights from our Bulgaria experience)-- So very fortunate to have snatched up pallets from behind the loading dock at printpack- for I had learned that while I'm not quick enough to catch the bird, I am able to erect structures that limit her roaming and eventually direct her path to the coop in the garage. once again the dog was no help, but Callie and I ended up being able to get Ginger back in her rightful place after only an hour or so.  but you can't chase a chicken with any reasonable expectation of catching it... or at least I can't ... :)  




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