This has been a long journey... Recordings began seven years ago. So much has happened.

After an extensive legal process and countless hours in multiple studios, I'm near completion.

I've been humbled by the outpouring of support and encouragement from musicians, friends, fans, and industry professionals.

I hope that you enjoy hearing these songs. I feel as though expectations are high for any release and after everything I've been

through to get this collection finished, I hope it doesn't fall short. I myself am very happy with how things are sounding now and I'll

be satisfied just being able to release them to you. I was considering a Title of "Not ready for airplay", much like the "not ready for

primetime players". Mainly as an acceptance of the fact that the songs likely won't make it on to your "hit music stations", yet dwell

in the underground independent community radio/college market. Of course I figured also it may have been a great angle for a 

critic to laud praises of the contrary. However things land in the mass scheme of things, I hope that "November Snow" will find 

its place in your collection, either due to your direct support of the endeavor, or through purchase upon formal release- or maybe 

your friend might turn you on to a favorite track leading you to discover your own. However it finds you, I'm so grateful you will 

have the opportunity to hear what's been cookin'-    

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