Open mic Night Northwestern!

Hey don't forget every Thursday at the Northwestern in Rhinelander Open mic is the place to be...9 pm is generally when things get started... whether you play or you're just there to watch, your support of the local music scene is always appreciated. note, to musicians: there are many venues that you can perform your versions of "mustang sally" and "Brown eyed girl" at... this is not one of them... while we can appreciate you getting your "feet wet" if you're just starting out, or playing us your favorite Dylan tune, priority will be given to folks who are looking for a chance to perform their original stop on by and support the local scene... thanks..


Kickin Back
September 07, 2011 @12:36 pm
I'm a song writin Kickin' Back Blues Musician that would love to throw down a few originals sometime if your into havin company Kirby.

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