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Hi Scott, I wanted you to know how very much I enjoyed meeting you and being able to experience your music. You touched my soul with your music and lyrics. I'm awed by your talent. I'm glad you play here in the northwoods. Planning to bring my husband to see a show soon. Bought all 3 CDs, and hope to someday be able to say "I knew him when" once you hit the big time. Thank you for being you.

Hey Scott, I love you and I love your music! I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you through my wonderful family and I can't wait to have the chance to watch/listen you play again. When are you going to put out another cd? Thanks. Teri Esqueda Waymire

Hi Scott! I heard you playing at the Manitowish Waters Craft fair labor day weekend. Bought 2 of your CD's and love your music. I downloaded all 3 cd's and have had a bunch of my friends give a listen. Great stuff !

Scott. We need you. Hell, I need you. I'm a mess without you. I miss you so damn much! I miss being with you. I miss being *near* you. I miss your laugh! ..I miss your scent. I miss your musk... When this all gets sorted out, I think you and me should get an apartment together! Keep up the good work mate. 2

I love that tnew band yer playin with!! The Mud Creek Revival... ya'll should really play more!! You Rock!

Heard you playing in Rhinelander at a coffee shop listening to your CD right now & loving it keep up the great music!

You Rocked the Alley last night. Keep it up man, really dig the tunes!

You keep this up & your mom might stop worrying so much about you :-)

Long time no see but this is a great tune, I'm going to ad you on my facebook.

Dear Scott, Late last night a friend of mine was playing your music. It was the first time I had ever head it, and it struck such a strong chord in my heart. Your beautiful guitar playing and lyrics made me feel so light and warm. It is very rare artists nowadays do that to me. It made me feel home. My friend discovered your album when she worked with you in Wisconsin (this past summer?) doing theater. I am so thankful she met you and introduced your music to me. I hope to hear much more of your music soon. You are incredibly gifted and blessed. Keep the wonderful music coming, please! All the very best, Erika

Scott, I continue to enjoy your music, as I tell you each late night downtown. Forgive my rambles. Question. I am doing a sample presentation in class in which I am analyzing a coming of age song. I am looking into "Amber Waves." If you don't mind telling me, who is the Jessie figure in the song, and how does she relate to the overall story you preface the lyrics with on this site? Thanks, Gary

Hi Scott! I like being able to have your website up at work when I'm at the office- your music is calming! Thanks for sharing your talent!

uber groovy site brother...

hey i talked to you at blakes wedding recption for a good hour or so about music and i just looked you up today and sampled some of your songs and i gotta say man it's great stuff very honest and open style i will be purchasing a cd for sure. but any way good luck with everything and reaching that level of satisfaction for yourself in your music it was nice meeting you.

Heard you and met ya at Professionals Day at The Lanes with Tuck. Loved your show love your cd's made my ride back to Shawano very pleasant! :-) Look forward to hearing you play again soon!

it's been years! congrats...i'm so proud of you!

Great website Scott. Very impressed! Really like your new songs. Love your favorite Aunt!

I love your site! Keep up the good work, Mr. Kirby!

Hope all is going well. The new song.. Foolish Hearts sounds great. Sounds like the early xmas gift has been good for you. xoxoxox

Love ya!

your the best!!!!!!

Great music Scott! Hope to see you at MOTM 2009. Phinz Up! Vic, Sarasota Bay PHC

Man it was nice seein you again. Listened to some of your music on the cd and man it sounds good. Hope to jam together again sometime!

i can't help but dance to some of your songs and others bring me to the verge of tears. Thanks for the ride Scott!

GREAT sound Scott! Looking forward to seeing you play in about an hour!

Nice site Kirby. Looking forward to jammin with ya.

Hey man.....sweet new website. Will be checking in often.

Kirby rocks, love ya man

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