If Love is Just showed that Scott Kirby was all about the idea that if you get the basics right then a song tends to not need much dressing up, that getting the fundamentals right is better than throwing too much into the musical mix, then Something To Move shows that even when he builds more textured music the same rules apply. This time out he opts for a funkier, bluesy workout and whilst there is a lot going on, layers of textured guitars from acoustic rhythms to choppy riffs to delicate lead parts, driving beats, pulsing bass and plenty of gang vocals to back up Scott’s main delivery, everything has room to breath.

It is this basic principle that means that every instrument has its place, each is deferential to the other never stepping on each others toes, and the result is that whilst none of the individual parts are dominant, voluminous or bombastic, nothing so crude as that, the end result is a powerful song. Rock bands could learn a lot from such an approach and pop bands would do well to take head of how infectious and groovesome this song is. They won’t and that is what will keep Scott Kirby well ahead of the pack both within his chosen generic playground or in any other for that matter.

When sorting through the piles of singles that get sent to Mind Noise Network, a song has to really stand out to get me to take notice. ‘Something To Move’ does just that as it lurches in with a twangy blues rock guitar and then the raspy deep voice of Scott Kirby. It’s not exactly original but it’s undoubtedly a tune that got me groovin’, it’s swampy yet catchy as the chorus lurches in with the “It’s all right now” that’s reminiscent of all the best country rock vocal hooks. It’s definitely a song to get dancing to.

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Scott Kirby’s music is the sort that comes with that authentic, deeply human fusion of warmth and grit. Love Is Just represents the musician and songwriter’s style and sound superbly, it’s a well rounded and easy to listen to piece of music that is loaded with depth and genuine emotion, though it comes through in a way that just surrounds you with good vibes and a slightly soft-rock or country-ballad ambiance.

The song’s concept is something that comes through more and more with every lyric that unfolds. The artist’s leading voice portrays each idea and the evolving emotion of the song with absolute passion and accuracy. That is to say, it sounds believable, meaningful, as if this is something written and performed from very real experiences, and at the same time it sounds simply beautiful and compelling – just hearing it in the same room as you. The instrumentation follows this same ideal, presenting the crisp and organic acoustic guitar, the simple yet effective drum pattern, again adjusting as the song progresses, the simple warmth of the bass, plus this additional, fairly memorable riff in between vocal parts.

The song grows on you very quickly, becoming the sort of go-to rock ballad that just screams genuine feeling and connects with you in the way that any great band or artist can; much like the Goo Goo Dolls once did, personally speaking. It’s the impossible-to-fake sound of songwriting that comes from the heart rather than coming straight from an intention to gather an audience. The hook is as mellow as the rest of the song but it hits with a touch of additional passion, a moment of realization, of acceptance, of giving up perhaps. The melody here stays with you long after listening. A gorgeous piece of music and writing, beautifully performed.

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I mean…aside from the soul-crushed, heartbroken perspective that the lyrics in Scott Kirby’s latest tune has to offer – this is a bright-spot in music and certainly an undeniable songwriting talent & genuine performer.  Kirby’s got wisdom in the sound of the rasp in his voice…which really adds additional weight to the cautionary tale of personal experience he’s singing about on his new single “Love Is Just.”  Like a great singer/songwriter should always have in their music, you can feel the connection that Kirby has with the words…and as a result, it’s a real bittersweet contrast between the often devastating sentiment of the lyrics, the pain in his voice, the conviction he sings the words with and the stunning sound of the music on “Love Is Just.”  I’m making observations of course…but make no mistake, there’s certainly nothing to complain about when it comes to how Scott’s new song has come out…this is excellent.

Kind of takes me back to a time where you could find Edwin McCain ruling the radio stations & airwaves…and if you were REALLY cool you were listening to projects like Black Lab, Athenaeum and Dog’s Eye View in your CD players as well.  Kirby’s got that…that…that not quite country, not quite alternative, not quite indie, not quite rock, not quite folk thing going-on for him…the indescribable qualities of a songwriter that not only represents the ‘everyman’ but an artist that could also find himself fitting ‘everywhere.’  From soul to R&B, pop and all the genres I’ve listed – I can audibly hear just how versatile Kirby’s sound truly is and just how much potential & success it could go on to find in the multiple arenas that music has for him to express himself in various forms.  I mean…again, don’t get me wrong – what’s happening on “Love Is Just” is more than enough to be seriously happy with the results from the path he’s currently chosen – I’m just pointing out the fact that you can hear Scott Kirby could really end up anywhere and likely find success with his music.  He’s got a timeless sound to his voice, the courage to write about what’s real and the commitment it takes in a performance to make us believe the words he’s singing.


And in that sense, of course, you feel for the guy a lil’ bit here on “Love Is Just” – he’s clearly experienced and felt heartbreak in his life and understands how to also now turn that pain into art.  Songs like this are songs that people need, that people reach out for, that people connect to as if Kirby would be singing to them and their own storylines directly…essentially, he’s written this in such a real way that all-too-many of us out there will be able to relate to its heartbreaking tale.  I always find this kind of combination a really interesting one to listen to in the sense that you can tell a track is based in pain or hard-times of some sort…then it all comes out sounding so damn good like “Love Is Just” does and you actually end up feeling a weird sort of energy that’s comprised of the uplifting spirit that a great song will give you with the emotional heaviness in the weight of the lyrics.  I think it’s that kind of contrast that can really make a song last and make it a highly-repeatable experience time and again.

Really well written tune, equally well performed…just as sweet as it is sad…an uplifting melancholy that exists through the power of a sincere song that hits the mark in an extremely satisfying way.  I dig Scott Kirby’s vibe…there’s real honesty in his soul and real character in his voice…you combine that with his insightful ability to connect to the material he’s writing and the fact that he’s got a sound that can fit in almost everywhere…you gotta like the odds of this guy finding all the success he’s looking for, in life, in music…and chances are, even in love.

Find out more about Scott Kirby through his official website at:  http://www.scottkirbymusic.com

There are few musicians out here that are more dedicated and passionate about their craft than Scott Kirby!

Hailing from Northern Wisconsin, Scott Kirby has done just about everything to grace us with his tunes. Scott performs over 200 shows a year, and has performed at venues like the House of Blues, The Overture Center’s Capitol Theater, and Hard Rock Cafe. Additionally, Kirby has been a street musician in Nashville, TN, and has jammed on the subways of NYC.

Love Is Just” showcases Scott Kirby’s melodious gruff vocals, and highlights his affectionate and romantic lyricism. In terms of the instrumental, the acoustic guitar playing in the background gives the tune a gentle feel, further adding to the soothing tone of the track. All in all, Kirby is not afraid to be vulnerable and honest on this song, something that is very refreshing to hear.

This indie folk rock singer and songwriter is turning all of his dreams into reality, blessing us with his highly unique sound.


Scott Kirby has quite an impressive portfolio under his belt including appearances on and support from Milwaukee Public Television, Relix Magazine’s 2015 music sampler, Radio Canada International, WXPR, and an indie documentary titled UP a River.

He was the first runner up at Big Top Chautauqua’s Celebration of Song Festival a few years ago and he has shared stages with the likes of Suzanne Vega, Indigo Girls, Bill Miller, J.L. Stiles and more. Performing over 200 shows a year, it’s safe to say Kirby’s live show is an experience worth experiencing.

Crafting excellent songs that blend elements of bluegrass, country, folk and acoustic pop, Scott refers to his sound as bluecountry-folkgrass. I really dig that phrase so let’s run with it.

With his latest release, Scott delivers an uplifting, catchy single titled Love Is Just.

Soulful vocals, passionate guitar playing, driving rhythms and undeniable pop appeal come together to form a strong, radio-ready single which will grab the attention of listeners from a wide array of stylistic tastes.

After the song ends, you’ll find yourself still singing and humming the melody. You’ll also find yourself coming back to this one to listen again and again.

Watch the video and jam Love Is Just on YouTube or below.

Discover more from Scott Kirby by visiting his official website or connect on Twitter, FB or Soundcloud.

Have you come to notice that whatever your age, class, the profession is, there is always a song that appeals to you? No matter how stressed you are or how busy you are or occupied you might be; whenever that tone of music comes to your hearing you enjoy every line of the song.

For me, Love IS JUST by SCOTT KIRBY is one song that appeals to music lovers across various segments of life. It’s not every day you come across a nice song with a very wonderful video that gives you a vivid imagination of the song you listening to. I got to say a very big thumbs up to Scott here. The video really got to me.

When they said that music is an expression of our emotions with the vocal and or with instruments, I never really got to understand it until I listened to LOVE IS JUST by Scott. The song is a pure expression of emotion at play. Like a verse from the lyrics ‘love is a game’ would get you thinking about your love experience. As Scott actually shows us that we all can define love in our own ways as love is an expression that we can all express in our own ways, unlike the crap most songs now what us to believe is love. It has that same word we are conversant with LOVE in its lyrics bringing it fresh to our mind that love is not just a game as many people now see it. In a unique way, he is expressing his feeling and thought about what he see love to be and what he really wants from love.


The instruments are just perfect and timely, the guitar got me nodding my head way before the music started playing and rightly accompanied by the drums then you will hear the piano striking a perfect notes; just the combination of this instruments sets the music playing and then comes the distinctive, rich, warm and expressive vocal – rendering the song with a voice that really knows the exact way to pass the message and making you sit back to pick every word in every line of the song. I know that there are good songs but this is one of a kind – filling your mind and soul with a perfect tune you would always like to hear every time irrespective of where you are or what you are doing.

Loving and being loved is one of the sweetest feelings of all time and age. listening to the wordings of the song had me put it on repeat all day and being conscious of the fact that Love never change, the way it felt last century exactly the same way it is feeling now and that is why I came to the conclusion that the song is for everyone not minding what your category is – as you can always say ‘there is a song for everyone ’the lyrics of this fascinating song is very thought-provoking, inspiring and heart-warming. LOVE IS JUST by Scott is a song for everyone.

So in love with this song that I have been humming it, ever since I watched the video on YouTube, expect to hear more melodious songs from you Scott. Hopefully, we will see you win the Grammy’s in the nearest future.


By Eilene Gross

One of the challenges facing the singer-songwriter, voice and guitar driven song is how to sound big. Not big in the bombastic, U2 stadium rock sense but in knowing how to take these simple elements and lift them off the musical page, make them sound robust and accessible, set them apart from the pack. Some do it by deft and intricate guitar work, layering vocals, production tricks and other gimmickry. Scott Kirby does it simply by writing great songs and delivering them with competence and confidence.

It seems pretty obvious really, why dress a song up to create some sort of pretend elegance when you can strip it back to actual eloquence? And Love Is Just is eloquent, in a solid and dependable sort of way, a combination of keeping things simple, though far from simplistic, and that fantastic voice of his. Letting the music breath and the vocals soar, a vocal which seems to blend romance and honesty and a soulfulness with a delivery that most rock singers would kill for.

Get the basics right and sometimes the rest will just naturally fall into line.

Scott Kirby has been at it, music-wise since he was 12 years old. Gota start'em young to succeed in life! That said, Scott Kirby has gone on to release six albums to his name,  (Apple Love, Good Morning Jo, B Tapes Vol. 1, A day On The Lake, Live at CT's Deli, November Snow), and now his most recent and newest release in the form of a single titled "Love Is Just", is the kick starter to continuation of being one of the best and busiest musicians around.

"Love Is Just", is as said, his latest works, in terms of new music, made into the form of a single turned video. The video's concept is pretty basic, showcasing Scott Kirby performing his acoustic guitar, in a lot of the piece, other pieces, showing his day to day life, in the city, roaming the streets, to his home life, to everything else in between. The video is plain and simple, nothing to out of the ordinary, just basic fundamentals.

As far as the song itself, its contents is your typical run of the mill, love song. This one being about Scott Kirby dealing with someone he loves, but has others saying he should end it, that is sort of what the lyrical context plays off of sounding like. But love is just a game, as part of the lyrics say, which can be true or false, whoever you may ask really. Love in itself, is something on its own really. Love is what you make of it, it means different things for everybody. To me personally, love is shown by your feelings of emotion, whether you are happy, sad, angry, etc. You can showcase said emotions through yourself in verbal words or body language, if not physically like buying someone you love a little something or other.

Scott Kirby's take on love, is a lot like any other artist or band's take on it. Showing off how they feel about love in their way that is music creativity. It shows himself full circle, as a well rounded person, with great ideals, creativeness, and pride. Lots of passion thrown in as well for good measure of course, as it goes, it makes him to be quite the musician indeed.

"Love Is Just", though is a very touching and heartfelt track. It is played off by Scott Kirby with him playing his acoustic guitar, as noted for the video accompanying said song, with him singing as well. But he does a good job, and makes the song more upbeat and catching. It has this tone of rhythm going for it, that makes it more easy going. It becomes rather enjoyable, you can tap your feet to it, or sway yourself back and forth, while listening in. It just gives off a good vibe all around.

In the end really, Scott Kirby is an artist of sorts, that has got one track, up his sleeve in terms of new music, that has shown an development in his craft, since he started way back when. It is with that, he will continue to branch out, musically with his creative words and melodies of music.


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