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"Scott Kirby’s sound and style as an artist stands tall amidst this kind of writing and performance."- Rebecca Cullen of Stereo Stickman https://stereostickman.com/reviews/scott-kirby-simple-life/




"somethin' to move" hit #5 on the NED fm Top 40 charts! Thanks Radio Netherlands!





 “Love Is Just” showcases Scott Kirby’s melodious gruff vocals, and highlights his affectionate and romantic lyricism.~ Ratings Game Music - Overall 4.5/5




"He’s got a timeless sound to his voice, the courage to write about what’s real and the commitment it takes in a performance to make us believe the words he’s singing" - sleeping bag studios

"If you are not following this monster sound, something is either not connected in your speakers, or you just haven’t been enlightened just yet" - skope

"Scott Kirby proves to be a poetical lyricist" - beach sloth


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