Scott Kirby is a volunteer host at 91.7 FM WXPR. Kirby began the Midwest Music Hour with the goal of highlighting music and the musicians of the region thru airplay and in-studio performance sessions.  Access to the radio station is currently limited due to the Global Pandemic, so Kirby currently is self producing this program as a Livestream production and Editing the audio content for radio broadcast TBD - links to social media below

Midwest Music Hour live from the living room with Gracie Lou

Virtual Event- View From Anywhere

Gracie Lou joins us from Ironwood MI- She's been Playing music and Gracing the stage from an early age and she's an alumni of the Chicago Academy For The Arts. We'll chat a little and find out what inspires Gracie Lou- And She'll be sharing some of her favorite music with us.

Midwest Music Hour live from the living room with Anthony Lux

Virtual performance- watch from wherever you are~

Anthony Lux has enjoyed a career as full time musician since 16, he’s played in music clubs, piano bars, on cruise ships, in large theaters, casinos and has even opened for national touring acts. His debut album “Elephant in the Room” was released on father's day last year. We'll chat about that journey and get the chance to hear some of those songs. Anthony is also working on his follow-up record so we may get the chance to premier some of that material also!

Midwest Music Hour live from the living room with Doug Sheen

Virtual session- watch from wherever you are

This Episode features Doug Sheen. Originally of Twin Lakes, WI now based in Antigo; Doug has been performing classics from The Beatles to artists like Pearl Jam. From Green Bay to Tampa Bay and everywhere in between-I'm looking forward to Having Doug on the program & I hope you can join us.

Midwest Music Hour live from the living room with Stovepipe Stephens

virtual session- watch from wherever you are

Stovepipe Stephens is the featured artist in this special episode of the midwest music hour. His fingerpicking style is likened to that of Leo Kottke, and His voice has an old time sensibility. Don't miss this compelling performance.

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