Following a string of impressive releases, each one paving the way a little more notably for the rising artist, Scott Kirby now launches his latest single – the stunning Cool Water – and it genuinely sees him soar higher than ever. Leading with a stripped-back and beautifully pure musicality, a simple guitar-led ambiance, an up-close and personal vocal – that beautifully soulful, unmistakable voice – Cool Water is the Gospel-soaked Americana ballad 2019 has been waiting for. As the song progresses, a shoulder-swaying blues-rock swagger softly envelops its audience, providing an organic and spacious arena – within which Kirby’s voice and his poetic prayer and gratitude rain through in a flawlessly emotive and powerful way. This is something like a classic, timeless hit – the sort of song we’ll be craving in the live setting for many years to come. Scott Kirby has poured his soul into this, as he always does, but this softer and intimate setting succeeds in igniting a whole new level of artistry for the singer and songwriter. In all honesty, Scott could sing the alphabet and captivate in a way that few others can. When the songwriting and the sentiments are so inherently at one with the voice though, things reach an entirely new realm of beautiful. That’s precisely what you get with this single. * * * ‘Flowing just like a river, oh cool water, Flowing out to the ocean, wide and blue, Oh them times when I feel trouble… I thank God for you.‘ * * * Hints of spirituality lyrically meet with a clear passion for the process and for the underlying concept, in a manner that effectively prompts listeners to give thanks for their own circle of loved ones, their own experiences, and their role within the world. There’s a lot of darkness to be seen and heard among us lately, but art and music, when done well, can be the light that breaks through all of it – reminding us to live in the moment, and be thankful for all of the good things. Cool Water makes for a fine example. Beautiful. Absolutely one for the long-term playlist. Out now. ” - Rebecca Cullen

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-I don’t always approve blues tracks, but when I do it’s because they tap into something deep. This track feels timeless. The lyrics are easy to follow, the chord structure feels familiar, and the overall style is engaging. This is a fantastic track from a rising star in the blues world. If you’re an Americana fan with a penchant for the bluesy side, this one will stand out.” - Greg Jones

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Often times we forget how great our lives can be. Everyone will have difficult times but those willing to see them through with gratitude usually get to the other side with a positive result. Our recent discovery Scott Kirby is a great example of this and his story of thankfulness should be an inspiration to all of us. The alternative Blues artist hails from Northern Wisconsin. Scott Kirby discovered songwriting and guitar at the age of 12 and dove into the music of the top musicians of the day. Songwriting legends such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Tom Petty, and Johnny Cash became his heroes and inspiration. His style puts it all out there for the listener to become part of the journey. Kirby is a prolific writer with nine album releases already under his belt. Yesterday Scott Kirby released his latest single “Cool Water” recorded at Rock Garden Studios in Appleton, Wisconsin. The contemporary Blues song drips with emotion and the message of the songwriter. In Kirby’s words “This is a song about gratitude. Being grateful for the people in your life who are with you through thick and thin, up and down, good and bad, sickness and health. He went through some difficult health issues with his new bride but always kept an eye on his blessings. It shows on “Cool Water”. The elegant guitar pairs perfectly with Scott Kirby’s emotion-filled vocals. The addition of Lead guitarist Kelvin Kaspar, Bassist Charlie Strong, Drummer Dan Cable, and the Keys of Marc Golde fills the speakers with a true beauty. The song draws you in with an appreciation for the story being shared. You will be challenged to keep your body from swaying along.” - Keith Pro

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I don't think Scott Kirby had any choice but to become a blues singer. The Wisconsin-based guitar wiz has a potent delivery, and on "Cool Water," such a sense of grounded-ness that it's obvious there's nothing Kirby would rather be doing than singing. Kirby has nine albums out: Long Way Home, Apple Love, Good Morning Jo, B Tapes Vol 1, A Day On The Lake, Live at CT's Deli, November Snow, live at the little brown jug, ep 2018, and has been releasing singles since. With "Cool Water", Kirby has a song about embracing life, and the people in it. With a slick, crisp blues riff as cool as cool water itself and Kirby's signature on point gritty vocals, Cool Water takes you to church with authenticity. This righteous track is about how lucky we are to have each other. Kirby explains, "I believe in living a life of gratitude for the blessings given to us, and the lessons we are extended." Kirby brings a warmth to this song that makes that gratitude very clear. No matter where or how you place your faith, "Cool Water" will submerge you into a sense of gratitude that will carry you through the day.” - Rachel cholst

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Blues is done right with SCOTT KIRBY. ‘Cool Water’ is one of those works of goodness. It embraces you as guitar driven blues only can. Life and people, silhouetted by the stories of gray in between, makes indelible appearances in Scott’s singles. The gritty vocals, take you in a dance of authenticity. With the solos of guitar prominence activating your pleasure points, ‘Cool Water’ is a place you’d want to be. Kirby explains, “I believe in living a life of gratitude for the blessings given to us, and the lessons we are extended.” ” - staff writers

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Scott Kirby released recently his last single “Cool Water”, the track as such is an imaginary musical journey beginning with remarkable guitar melodies, followed by catchy and soulful bluesy vocals. There is something amazing in the honesty of this record that really speaks volumes to the songwriting. We find ourselves in a warm atmosphere enhanced by Kirby’s signature gritty vocals. It’s a really expressive track and we really appreciate what Scott Kirby brings to the table.”

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Blues/rock singer and songwriter Scott Kirby has a new single and he has aptly called this one “Simple Life”. The guitar-driven song roots for human happiness while also admitting how it’s sometimes not easy to achieve such simplicity with life. Listening to the track, you will be grabbed by the musician’s clean vocals which powerfully pierces through the instrumental tune. The composition and lyrics is also quite engaging. Listen above via Spotify, where you can sample his other songs. I recommend that you check out one of his previous record, “Something To Move“.” - Phillip Nyalenda


It’s like a blues track that picked up an old school swagger that would fit on Broadway. If you tracked mud on the bottom of your work boots into a ballroom you’d get “Simple Life” by Scott Kirby. I really enjoy the guitar work on “Simple Life” for the fun and jangly riffs that have a more organic and human rhythmic element than the tight rhythm section and piano accompaniment. Lyrically “Simple Life” is for the somewhat suburban life and has a bit of charm that reminds me of the Toy Story soundtrack, a bit “You’ve Got A Friend In Me”. Check out links to stream and press notes below! ” - Ian McFarland

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The superb Scott Kirby returns this summer with yet another pop-rock classic with equal parts grit and delicacy. Simple Life is beautifully set-up, bringing together a blues and folk-rock backdrop with Kirby’s own expressive and lightly raspy vocals, mixing in a touch of almost doo-wop style backing vocals – the finish is organic yet crisp and clean enough to really let you blast it at volume to immersive results. As was the case with his previous releases, there’s a poetic depth to much of Scott Kirby’s writing that shines brightly in such a natural setting. In this case, the song’s underlying concept is represented gorgeously – not just by the lyrics, but by the colourful and optimistic nature of the music, and by Scott’s own laid-back and genuinely content delivery. The track progresses with a mellow and likable groove, flickers of instrumental prowess emerge just frequently enough to add a hint of swagger and confidence. Meanwhile, Scott’s voice evolves in a natural and seemingly effortless manner – it meanders through this mildly familiar, comforting melody in a pure and soulful way. The entire feel and fire of the song gives off precisely the sentiments implied by the title. Scott Kirby’s sound and style as an artist stands tall amidst this kind of writing and performance. The track doesn’t prompt you to consider genre or comparisons so much as it simply and honestly fills the room with good vibes and a clear connection to the moment. As a result, this is how you’re left feeling when it’s over – those good vibes linger, and there’s a new found appreciation for both the grind (the hustle) and the simple things in life; not least of all this sort of organically crafted, authentic musicality. An absolute pleasure to listen to, as always. I look forward to hearing more from Scott Kirby and the band in the near future. Stream the single on Spotify or YouTube. Find & follow Scott Kirby on FacebookTwitter & Soundcloud. Visit his Website for more information.” - Rebecca Cullen

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Great Scott! I’m sure he’s never heard THAT before…probably only every second day of his entire life… Still…it’s what the kids out there would call #truth or ‘facts’ these days…I pretty much have that thought jump into my head whenever I see Kirby’s name jump back onto my playlists over here…great – Scott!  As in, I’m stoked to see him return any time he shows up, dude writes a killer tune.  Usually a couple moments into listening to one of his new songs, that the same phrase will pop up again, but once more with a slightly different twist…as in, man, this is GREAT Scott!  “Simple Life” is no exception to the rule. Or a shorter way of saying all this I suppose would just be to say that he’s more than proven himself as a songwriter…to my ears personally, and audibly to thousands-upon-thousands of you out there listening as well – you know it & I know it, Scott really is great at what he does.  We all get the point by now, yes?  Okay then…as much as it might still completely apply, I’m gonna retire the word ‘great’ from the rest of this review because I have truly beat that horse right into the ground haven’t I?  Let’s move on. What has always made Scott’s music great excellent is that he’s both the perfect host & entertainer, in addition to a highly skilled & authentic storyteller.  Ideas that he’s put forth in the past through singles like “Love Is Just” and “Something To Move” were both immaculately well written & performed – each in its own right a complete confirmation of the incredible ability this man has to connect through music.  Like many of you out there, Kirby draws inspiration from all kinds of things from life to love gathered throughout his own experiences – but one of the really cool twists this time around with “Simple Life” is just how far away he ended up from home in order to appreciate what the “Simple Life” was really all about.  Most of the time, we’re all writing about what we can see ten feet in front of our own eyes – and the “Simple Life” exists on the couch with the TV on.  When it comes to this new single from Scott, he ended up all the way over on the other side of the world to get the insight & inspiration you’ll find. Here’s what the man himself had to say about it:  “I’d been on a trip to Eastern Europe and bought a guitalele in Dubrovnik near the end of our journey.  After getting home, I was reflecting on my trip and how I was feeling in general.  I fell in love with Bulgaria and the fact that everyone has a garden instead of a lawn.  I had literally just dug up my front yard to make a garden for planting food and I noticed the ‘mud on my feet.’  There’s also some social commentary regarding the “build the wall” movement, which had me thinking quite a bit.  I had just been in a number of places that are surrounded by walls – Kotor, Dubrovnik in Croatia.”  I never tend to leave the studio and live vicariously through the music, bands, and artists like Scott that I listen to…so kudos to this man for bringing a little Bulgarian inspiration to us! Scott’s combining folk-song sensibilities with an upbeat Blues-vibe goin’ on, and certainly noticeable Pop-style hooks in both the music & vocal-melody that’ll prettttttttttty much grab the attention of just about everyone out there one way or the other.  I have been in the past, and remain right to this very moment, a huge fan of Kirby’s voice.  Dude’s a great brilliantly charismatic singer with tremendous tone and pinpoint precision – and he absolutely stuffs “Simple Life” full of soul, style, and skill from the microphone…all with such a remarkably organic, natural cadence, and energy that suits him extremely well.  “Simple Life” has got a playful bounce and a crafted core – but nothing you’ll hear feels forced, overplayed, or insincere – quite the opposite really; it’s a charming, welcoming, and seriously accessible tune that has Scott genuinely loving life – who wouldn’t want to listen to that?  He’s a salt-of-the-earth type guy to begin with…and he sounds just about happier than ever in the thick of this song, right at home with his feet in the dirt and his toes in the mud…connecting with what’s real on this floating rock we all live on.  And that’s the real beauty believe it or not…no matter how muddy he might end up getting in the process…it’s the simplest pleasures that make the “Simple Life” appealing.  The organic enthusiasm and authentic interest he has for this brand-new song, ends up transmitting right to us all. Key additions that factor in…there are plenty.  From the smart way the keyboard melody strengthens the melody, to the clever way you’ll hear the guitars chime-in and be mixed in to this song, to naturally enticing moments like when Scott will whistle instead of sing – there’s something for everyone to enjoy.  It’s kind of like The Beatles-meets-the Blues here when it comes to the overall sound of “Simple Life,” and I’d have to imagine that all the space in between those two measurements has a ton of fans that would eat a single like this from Scott right up, no problemo.  It’s fun, it’s real, it’s fresh, and it clearly has him sounding inspired – Kirby’s right into this tune and takes us right into the vibe along with him. Great awesome new tune Scott!” - Jer

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Gritty driving left of center swampy rhythms fuels “Something to Move” which is the latest Alternative Blues Rock from Scott Kirby.  The vocals are gritty and gruff and the pacing is the prime tempo for dancing around at a bar, club, or festival.  Scott Kirby reminds me of the gritty cold of Boston in the more college suburban area of Allston just due east where rock clubs such as Paradise and Great Scott live.  A highlight of this tune for myself was the endless string of tasty licks coming from the electric guitar player.  Scott Kirby has an extensive catalog already in existence on streaming services and is definitely worth a listen if you’re looking for something to put on and leave on during a long drive or any other sort of task similar to such.  Mixed by Jason Moss who is an up and coming Hollywood engineer the mix on this one is well balanced and easy to digest.  Looking forward to what comes next from Scott Kirby.  ” - head chef

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