Montrose Saloon- Chicago, IL 

Had a little run down to Chicago with Bob and we were fortunate to find ourselves playing at the Montrose Saloon.

Pat Reedy and the Longtime Goners ( & John Ballantyne's Crazy Heart (, kicked out some really fantastic music and what a treat it was to be there for it. If you are into classic country and honky tonk music- definetly get your self to see em live sometime. Big thanks to Little Cabin Entertainment for such warm hospitality and support in our very…

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Check out this livestream concert series hosted by The Heist in Ripon WI. Every week artists from around the region are featured- be sure to check out the archive on their youtube channel. This program is supported in a number of ways and able to be viewed for free. You can still make a donation to the organization and/or the Artists... Thanks very much